S.O.F. "Study On Full"

GOOD Kids Inc Study on Full after school study hall program will operate Monday through Friday from 3PM to 7PM and follow the Richland County Public School calendar. We will provide all students with a nutritious supper and snack when they first arrive.

Next, participants will go to their designated area and complete their homework assignments and tutorials. Additionally, students will spend time engaged in a wide range of other activities such as mentorships and working on civic engagement projects, all at no cost to their families and facilities.

In 2006, Robert Wylie founded GOOD Kids Inc with the goal to create programs that will help all youth focus on healthy living and where they could come to receive skills that would enable them to succeed in school and in life. He has established several programs under GOOD Kids Inc a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is accomplishing his goals. A long side a group of dedicated staff, partners and volunteers.

Since 2006 GOOD Kids Inc have served over 2,400 students in the Columbia Metro Area. GOOD Kids Inc will like to continue providing programs for students in Richland County by continuing to partner with the surrounding School Districts, Recreation Centers and other Non-Profits.