G.O.O.D. (Growth Over Odds & Doubts) Kids Inc. is a non-profit organization that mentor youth through sports and creative arts. G.O.O.D. Kids believe that sports and fitness are essential in eliminating childhood disease such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and obesity; we also believe that creative arts are essential to unlocking the creativity in our youth and building confidence. G.O.O.D. Kids also provide services for youth that has difficulty at home, school or in social settings because of emotional or behavioral problems.


Mr. Robert Wylie

GOOD Kids Inc. Founder

Robert unique way of mentoring youth through action and physical fitness has had a dramatic impact on his community for the good. He has opened the ears and eyes of elected figures, news stations, community leaders, and businesses in and around his city with his bold and outside of the box programs.

Mr. Rasheem Davis

GOOD Kids Inc. Org. Director

Rasheem started working with GOOD Kids Inc. in 2012 and never looked back. His sales and media communication background bring the ability to communicate with the community on all levels. He brings a passion for the youth and community that is helping GOOD Kids to accomplish their organization goals.

Ms. Lashia Washington

GOOD Kids Inc. Program Director

Lashia’s community work grew tremendously after joining G.O.O.D. Kids Inc. Through the years she has created a lasting impact on thousands of children. She connect with the youth and guide their critical thinking skills. Lashia teaches youth how to think, rather than what to think. This is Lashia’s lifestyle, not just a program.